Custom Cookie Pricing

I have a two dozen minimum per order (2 dozen regular sized or 2 dozen minis).

I cannot ship my cookies at this time.

I heat seal all cookies in food safe cellophane bags.

If you want them tied with ribbon it is $5 a dozen

Your order is not secured in my books until your deposit is paid. I will send the deposit once you submit your inquiry!

Basic $50/dozen 2 dozen minimum

24 regular sized cookies (3.5”-4”)

white + 2 additional colors

up to 2 different shapes/designs with minimal details

Standard $60/dozen 2 dozen minimum

24 regular sized cookies (3.5”-4”)

white + 3 or 4 additional colors

up to 6 different shapes/designs with more detail

gold or metallic painting +$4/dozen

watercolor painting +$6/dozen

Minis $30/dozen 2 dozen minimum

24 regular sized cookies (2")

simple colors and simple shapes

these are a great way to add additional cookies to your order while staying budget friendly

if ordering with regular sized cookies they will match the colors of those

Additional Options

Some additional cookie options are gift boxes, do it yourself cookie kits, and paint your own cookies.

Please email me for additional info and pricing on these.

I do cookies for most holidays and try to post them two to three weeks before that holiday .